The 2016 CTC&G Innovation in Design Winners: Kitchen Design

Innovator 2: Calla McNamara Interiors


Working hand in hand with Able Construction, designer Calla McNamara brought a new perspective to this spec home. “The biggest challenge is that faced was designing something that reflected my aesthetic sensibilities without being too specific.” Says McNamara. “I attempted to toe the line between modern and traditional, incorporating elements of both in order to appeal to a larger audience.” 

    Just like many residents of Fairfield County, this kitchen is an alluring mix of Manhattan modern and Connecticut traditional. “I see it as both a cook’s kitchen and a family kitchen.” says McNamara. “I had envisioned a young Manhattan couple enjoying the space while entertaining friends and family. The space feels social. There is a healthy connection between the kitchen, breakfast room and family room.” 

    For the palette, the designer took a slight detour from gray on gray or all white: “This home lent itself to a fresh beach palette. With little separation from room to room, it was important to maintain the slow and continuity through the use of neutral colors,” she says. “I have always believed in sticking with classic natural materials; I don’t believe in incorporating materials that look manufactured. 

    Her favorite element or detail? “I like the microwave placement,” says McNamara. “I have always struggled in kitchen designs to find a discrete yet easily accessible spot for the microwave. They generally aren’t very attractive, so I prefer to keep them out of direct sight.